A Concert About Spring Love

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Saturday, May 13, 2014 at 7:00pm

The Chapel Restoration, Cold Spring

Suggested Donation $12 / $10 seniors

A light reception will follow the concert.

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~ Here is a list of reasons as to why you shouldn’t miss this concert. ~

On May 13th, The Brasiles Ensemble will be performing eighteen pieces from fourteen composers.

We will sing in five languages— English, Olde English, Galician-Portuguese, French and Italian.

There will be two pieces from Purcell, two from Mozart and two from Morley.

Ten pieces will be performed as a full quintet.

Nine of the pieces will be sung a cappella.

Three of the a cappella pieces are in five parts.

There will be seven solos and one duet.

Five pieces are about spring.

Four pieces are fun and lively.

Eleven pieces are about love.

Three of the pieces are sad.

The duet is about infidelity!

One of the evening’s composers is Norwegian.

Two of the evening’s composers are Italian.

There are five composers who are English.

Four of the five English composers are from the English Madrigal School. 

Eight of the pieces are Renaissance madrigals.

Three of the madrigal composers are named John.

Two of the composers, Purcell and Monteverdi shifted from the Renaissance into the Baroque era.

Still, two more composers, who both happen to be French, are from the Romantic Period. Coincidently, these composers, Debussy and Messiaen wrote collections entitled Trois Chansons and Trois Melodies

Also, another couple of the evening’s composers are living composers with direct ties to New York, one of whom happens to live in Cold Spring.